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Strength and Conditioning with Next Evolution Athletics

Squat! Bench! Dead! Or maybe Dip! Dive! Duck!... This is the ultimate program for the inner beast in you! If you have ever thought about bringing your strength and conditioning to the next level or if you are the athletic/competitive type, this is the program you want.

With more than 20 dedicated coaching hours per week, our Strength and Conditioning Athletes have access to up to 4 - 1 hour blocks each week. The program is coached in a group setting and incorporates side by side peer training with Athletes of all ages from TREC’s own Barbarian Powerlifting Team.

So whether you are looking to join a team of dedicated lifters, discover your own strength and abilities, or simply just want to be part of something awesome, you will definitely want to explore the Strength and Conditioning Program with Coach Barrett. 


$ 165 / month
  • Unlimited Strength and Conditioning Access
  • Powerlifting Program


$ 125 / month
  • Proof of Enrollment Required
  • Contact to Purchase


  • We don't think it's fair to offer different pricing based on term of commitment so our memberships are pre-paid monthly which allow for flexibility.


  • Student memberships are for full-time programs only and require proof of enrollment.


Prepaid Monthly Memberships may be terminated without penalty with fifteen (15) days advance written notice of bill date.



Cancellation notice given within the fifteen days of bill date will incur a 50% of membership price Cancellation Fee.

About: Barrett Donovan

I’m Barrett, you’ll hear my laugh from across the room, I believe you have to have fun every day. Clients pay for the hour of entertainment, the training comes free. I grew up in a small community in New Brunswick. I was involved in many sports but despite that fact I was overweight in my youth. In middle school Dad bought me an old York Universal that started my love for weight training and eventually “grew into” my weight. I also did lots of manual labour all summer with Dad (the most natural form of exercise, according to him).

I studied Kinesiology at the University of New Brunswick; Studying the Human Body has always been a passion of mine. Applying that knowledge and practicing the theories I learned has taught me many valuable lessons that have carried, not only to my physical training but into my daily life as well. Hard work, Focus, Patience, Consistency, Overcoming Adversity, and Self Confidence were just some of the lessons learned. Physical fitness can be a very powerful teacher if you pay attention.

I have worked with a wide variety of clientele (you get that after more than a decade in this field). I have worked with people who suffered from traumatic injuries and needed to restore basic function; to World Championship athletes in numerous sports. My specialty is strength and power sport development (this helps being the Head Coach for Team Barbarian) as well as being a Sport Nutrition Specialist.

I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of outstanding coaches and mentors in the field; Ranging from Strength and Conditioning to Sport Specific to Nutrition and Health based coaching. These incredible coaches and mentors have given me the insight and knowledge necessary to help you move toward your goals in the fastest and most efficient way possible.
Life is about learning and giving, I always commit to my clients that I will have learned something new before they see me again and am always willing to share. My goal is to give you the best experience possible, while you learn to become successful in your health and fitness journey.



27 - 7750 Ranchview Dr NW, Calgary, AB, T3G 1Y9